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Lead Generation

Sales is the lifeblood of every business small or large. Without a continuous sales pipeline a business will stop to grow and even exist. That’s where our lead generation system will help you maintain and grow you’re business keeping a constant flow of customers to you monthly. We work with Local and National business to provide a consistent amount of Leads to the business.

How We Do It?

Below is a step-by-step process and how we achieve that. I love this is for 1 Niche industry dental offices same process applies to any local, regional or national business.

     We design a Custom High Converting Landing Page, proven to gain you new business and we guarantee it. Unlike other digital agencies we give you a unique phone number along with a custom capture form placed on your advertising that way you’re able to get leads for those wishing to call immediately or those wanting you to call them back. Either way there uniquely yours.



     We set you up in our one of a kind Lead Call & Customer Form Capture with Pay Per Call Technology & Voice Zip Code recognition to capture your leads. We can even set you up to only pay for the leads you want. Built in instant notification of new lead, able to record any lead you miss if your to busy, turn on sms notification to get instant messaging. With our system you will never miss a call or opportunity


Internet MCS .com
Internet MCS .com

Multiple Lead Generation Programs to fit you’re needs

Packaged Digital Lead Generation

One flat fee plus your ad spend

Consistent month after month

Guaranteed Lead Generation or next month Free

Half the cost of most digital agency’s on the market

We guarantee lowest price for the best offer

Packages all include …

  • Lead Generation
  • National or Local Branding  (our exclusive Local customer Google Domination Program)
  • SMM Social Media Management unique one of a kind AI program to guarantee your presence and organic leads

Pay Per Lead only

We run a pay per lead digital camping for you. You pay a low set fee and advertising spend to run the campaign and only pay for the leads that your receive on a set price. 

This is a low entry program that you can scale up while your cost go down as you scale your advertising spend.  The more advertising spend you invest in yourself the lower the lead cost how great is that. NO ONE ELSE DOES this. 

We offer pure PPLP (Pay Per Lead Performance) NO upfront cost to you Program

How it works. 

You only pay a fee if you make a sale. We cover the cost of setting up your Ad campaign, your creatives and managing the ad spend. You pay for only your ad spend until you make a sale. 

You only pay a lead fee when you make a sale we will receive 5 to 25 percent negotiated on the product offered) of the total sale as our fee. This a a super way to have the lowest Lead Generation entry point possible.

Dominate your local Niche
Dominate your local Niche
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